Sunday, January 4, 2009


Other than being a sweet party with family,friends and dearly beloved, Christmas is also a very lucrative event.

I got showered in gifts wich allows me to finally start recording my creations.
All this while wearing a sweet Motorhead shirt,my money safe in my new ACDC wallet and looking at Band of Brothers.

As for the recording part i would like to make a little list of my current gear:

- Macbook 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo/1GB RAM
- Tracktion 2 + tons of free plugins
- Mackie Onyx Satellite
- Behringer ultra gain tube preamp for mics and instruments
- Behringer Bass DI with tube emulation
- HB Bass EQ
- Behringer Tuner
- Boss BOD2
- Boss Bass Chorus
- Ashdown MAG 300 combo
- Crate 50W Bassamp
- Washburn active 4 string with ernie ball's
-Squier Vintage Modified P-bass with d'addario's
- Ibanez AEB acoustic bass
- Cheap ass contrabass
- Shure SM 57

My ladies

My ladies as usual goofing around.
No way in not loving them.
Both equally crazy and hyperactive yet both so cute.
One blonde pinup that never stops amazing me.
One brunette that never stops chasing me.

My ladies are the best!
For Kath and Bonnie,

I love you guys eternally!
You know you're my favorite ;)

Kickoff 2009