Saturday, May 22, 2010

Birth Day Happy Celebration Of

SoSoSo.... Yet another year round the bend.
"So how do you feel one year older?" Still the same i guess.
Double two's is cool though.

What is way cooler is the way that transition was celebrated!
Thanks to my darling wifey this day was an unforgettable bubble of happiness!

It all started when i woke up around 9 and was wished a happy birthday by my two girls.
Soon after that i was given a super interesting issue of the best music magazine MOJO including a CD filled with Devilish tracks. This way i was occupied while someone was whipping up what would soon become the best breakfast in the world! Ever.

PANCAKES ROYAL! The most perfect little pancakes so delicious with all the toppings one can desire. A breakfast isn't perfect without some Mimosa's of course. How decadent.
I even had magic candles on my pancakes. After blowing them out they seemed to be more of the terrorist kind. They lighted themselves again and tried to burn down our kitchen.
Magic my ass.

After this lovely start of the day we went to town to get my "official" present.
I had spotted some sweet effects at the local music store and was going there to test and then be able to take one home.
Once we were there, my girlfriend said: "This is gonna be your Pretty Woman birthday and you get to chose whatever you want in the store." WHAT?!
Yes i know, i'm a lucky bastard. After some testing and staring, and then some more testing i picked the MXR El Grande Bass Fuzz wich is KILLER! and as a treat i got to take home the Boss RV-5, a digital reverb wich is awesome!

You are probably thinking damn when does the fun end. Well we're just halfway there.
We found a cool diner styled bar called Houtsiplou where they serve a mean burger!
I got a fresh beer to go with my mountain of burger. The fries were served in flower pots.
That's rad.

Nope it's still not over. We returned home for a quick walk with the brown monster and then headed of to the park packed with beers and magazines.
We almost got decapitated by a bunch of gangsta's with mad nun-chuck skills.
It was fun.

In the evening, i got taken to the other end of the world alias Indonesia alias Garuda in Brussel.
We were seated on the terrace and one would think to be in the heart of the Indonesian jungle.
The food there was great all over. Everything was perfectly spiced and yet not to much.
To top it off everything was drenched in fresh coconut!! We got like twelve different dishes and it was a real delight!

Oh and in case i wasnt spoiled enough, i got ANOTHER present.
The autobiography of the planet's most badass guitar player SLASH.
Yes. For dessert, we got the privilige to get it in the jungle cabana they had installed!
A wooden structure with sculpted ceilings and pillows all over. It was super romantic!

Guess what, i got even another present : The autobiography of my ULTImATE HERO LEMMY FUCKING KILLMISTER!

I've been so spoiled by my baby, it's incredible. This is a day i will never forget and forever cherish. I allready feel so lucky just being with her, this day i felt like the prince of the world!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's been a while ...

The times they are a changing...

A long time has passed since i last posted anything here, not that anyone reads or cares about this but still.
Since the last time me and my lady moved to a swell new apartment on the 7th and top floor of a sixties styled building. We wake up with the sun in our room and by midday it's blasting on our terras. That is if the sun decides to shine now and then.

On my gearlist are some new hot items.
I got a supercool acoustic guitar for me to practice some blues slides and hope to become half the fingerpicker Elliott Smith was.
Also new is my Christmas gift/ the best bass in the world! Pictures will follow later but boy is she a beauty ! Not only is she a good looker, she feels and sounds great.

Also my brother in law alias NuNu got me a sweet phaser effect so i can get those swirly stoner riffs going.

Now, i'll be going for a walk with my crazy dog and my lovely doll!

That's all folks!