Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekly Cover Shootout XV

This is the Belgian band Triggerfinger covering a classic from the great Jacques Brel, who is Belgian also.
Both songs rock but i prefer Triggerfinger's heavy sound. They got out a new album this year so check them out! Can't wait to see them live at Werchter again this year.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekly Cover Shootout XIV

This week's cover is awesome. Again it's thanks to my girlfriend that i know this one.
She should be the one making this post. At least i'm giving her credit for it :)
Placebo giving a go at "Running up that hill" and they rule it!

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Big Birthday Post

It's this time of the year again. Flowers blossom, birds are laying their eggs, exams are in full swing and my birthday is coming up.

I always have a hard time telling people how old i am. Once i turned 20 it all started blending a bit together. I was born in 1988 and besides me being born the year was low on blessed events.
There is one thing that always helps me remember how old i am though.
It's all thanks to my girlfriend. She makes sure that every birthday is so great i remember my age according to the feast she organised.

This year she outdid herself AGAIN. Be prepared to get jealous and get ready to hate me for being so lucky.

So it was may 20th and i wake up next to my beautiful girlfriend. She says HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY!
Before i know it she told me to sitp up in bed and close my eyes. I feel something falling in my hands. I hurry opening the gift and see there is a magazine inside. OH YEAH! It's a collector's item of NME Icons featuring Dave Grohl. I kid you not, an entire magazine dedicated to the man himself!
Inside there was the most endeering birthdaycard ever. It was filled with balloons and like every year she manages to write me text that brings me to tears!

 She told me to read this in bed while she jets off to the kitchen. I hear some drawers opening and closing, some pots clinging and after about 15 minutes the most delicious smells are coming out of the kitchen. "You can go sit at the table!"
I happily follow her order and install myself at the table.

There it was, the breakfast of kings! A candle burning, freshly squeezed orange juice, two eggs and the most delicious sandwiches i ever ate. She is such a princess!
The sandwiches were soooooo jummy, she baked them from scratch and they were filled with tiny pieces of ham and the center was filled with cheddar. SO GOOD!

Since we are still in the middle of our exam period i had said that i needed to work and well so we did. Until like noon and then we kind off decided that we would enjoy the rest of the day!
My girlfriend offered us sandwiches and snacks for the afternoon but i took a desert because i wanted to eat those awesome birthday biscuits again!

And then the "moment suprême" was coming. Since we decided to enjoy the rest of the day she decided i could have my gift sooner.
Prepare yourself, this is so awesome.


And not just any guitar, it's an Epiphone SG in Worn Brown. This thing is an absolute beauty! It's really the coolest guitar i've ever seen and it plays like a dream. Stock strings and stock setup this beast rocks. A review of this beauty will follow! I couldn't believe my luck, my first electric guitar!
Since she knows me like she made me, i spent the rest of the day playing this guitar and giggling like a schoolgirl. To top things of, she had added a set of brand new strings, D'addario EXL's, jsut because she is so thoughtful and sweet. I decided to keep them as a spare set because even the stock strings are mighty fine!

 Look at the proud daddy! After i spent the whole afternoon playing this beauty ,and secretly shitting my pants because of the awesomeness of this guitar, she had planned us a restaurant date. I had secretely hoped we were going to eat mexican and guess what? Mexican it was. We went to Los Ponchos. With a name like that it can't go wrong. I was so excited while going there. This was such a great surprise and since we were blessed with nice weather we got to eat outside on a patio surrounded by roses.
A fresh Corona and my girl, what more can anyone need?


Those were our starters. I had fresh gambas with guacomole and my girl had the gambas with garlick.
The place is really the bombshiznit! So fresh, so tasty, so mexican!
At one point i had to go to the bathroom and when i came back there was a gift laying on the table.
This can't be happening ? Another gift! I rushed over to the table and opened yet another present.
It's a book about Bike Snobs, something i care about super much seeing that i'm so big one riding BMX bikes and any other bike by the way. That is why i can't stand bike snobisme, just like any other snobisme. I've gotten the chance to read in it and the book is just hilarious. There is everything you will want to know about bikes in there! It's just crazy i ever got this lucky!

On to the main dish and more Corona!

So the top one is my girlfriend's dish wich was DELICIOUS! Mine is a beef burrito served as i've never had one before. This was soooooo yummy! By now i couldn't believe it anymore. And yet she still managed to keep it going! For desert we had a delicious chocolate cake and ... more Corona!

This restaurant is a MUST if you are in Brussels. Even if you don't like mexican food. It was so chill and the people, they run this restaurant the two of them, are so friendly. I would recommend calling because the place fills up nicely after 20h. It's normal though seeing the food they serve! Mmmmm.

When we got home after this blissful event i crashed on the bed happier than ever. I felt something quite hard so i checked... you guessed it, moooore preseeeeents!
I opened it up to find a biography of Metallica. FUCKING GENIUS! How could i ever thank her enough? This book is just awesome. It follows the band from the get-go.

If all of that wasn't good enough guess what else i found? An envelope containg two tickets to go see...  RUSSIAN CIRCLES! One of my favourite bands on earth!

I feel so blessed to get all this attention and these beautiful presents. I know many don't have even half of what i got and i just can't say thank you enough. I'm not trying to be mean or show off but i just like to brag a tiny bit because i'm so proud and thankful!

For that i give her a kiss and all the love i have. Thank you so much for everything and for making this another moment that will help me remember till eternity!

Isn't she a peach?
If anyone ever reads this, please make sure to visit this beauty's blog, it's full of interesting articles and good music : Misses Badger

Good night!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weekly Cover Shootout XII & XIII

This is it, i can't even manage to do one post a week. The exams have gotten the best of me.
That's why i'm offering 2 for 1 this week.

Numero Uno:

Belgian singer Gabriel Rios giving this classic a more modern touch. I like. Thanks to my girlfriend i know have a new take on this song and i finally know who the original is from : Jeannette.

Numero Duo:

Moby honoring Joy Division by interpreting "New Dawn Fades". I love that he has no intention to "make it his own", he is clearly a big fan and he to me that makes it even better. Oh Moby where art thou ?

Back to the books.

Tomorrow is my birthday so you can bet i'm gonna post extensively about it in order to brag.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Back on track, an evening at the spine ramp in Ans.

my girl!

As some readers may well know, we are in full exam mode. A month of non stop studying has started.
Tradition wants it that i always find something way more interesting to do when the exams start.
This year my bmx fuse has been relit and i'm starting to get back into it full time, meanwhile dragging my girlfriend down with me. I didn't need to push her though, she is as exited as me about it and is starting to get better and better. About time i save up to buy her a bike so we can cruise together!

carving through the spine ramp
So in that light we decided to hit up a spine ramp i had located nearby. When we got there we were greeted by two friendly locals. They told me the park was a bit run down and that the city has been wanting to get rid of it for ages.
Typical, the only thing they have for the youth that doesn't just spend their days behind a screen or on a street corner and here's what they want to do with it...

manual on the deck.

 So about the park: it's not that big, but bigger than what i'm used to anyways. There's a spine ramp, which is sweet because i'm dying to learn a spine transfer. Next to the ramp there's a super tight hip.
It's steep as hell and narrow as fuck but it's a fun little obstacle.

Hip transfer

It was really a great evening spent with the WBST. Seeing my beautiful girlfriend ride that bike made me fall in love with her all over again. She's the gift that keeps on giving. I'm so proud of her.

me and misses D. chilling

What could have been "just another night" was turned into something special thanks to my girl and The Bat who was taking great pictures as always. I think he's in love with his new camera.

Peace out!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weekly Cover Shootout XI

This week is about the blues as i am currently entering "finals month". Yes over here those things last a month and not a week. This is Clapton's version of "Crossroads" and i never really knew any other version so this will stay my ultimate favorite!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

La Peste

I just discovered "La Peste" and i'm so pissed that i didn't find these guys earlier. Thanks to the jolly folks at Metal Bikes i now know of this awesome band.

Here's what i've learned about them so far:

.They kick ass.
.They are a punk band from Boston and were born in the late seventies.
.They could be named after Albert Camus' book.
.Peter Dayton is on guitar.
.Mark Karl on bass.
.Roger Tripp is banging the drums.
.They recorded with Ted St Pierre at Electro-Acoustic.
.They unleash thunderstorm on stage.

Knowing this band is almost making me feel like a part of some select group of people. 

Bless you Metal Bikes for this discovery.
Rock on dirty people.

La Peste DVD Sample

La peste - Better of Dead Live

While looking for a picture i also found this highly interesting blog:

Once i'll be done cramming my brain with stuff for Uni i have to get into this.