Sunday, January 4, 2009


Other than being a sweet party with family,friends and dearly beloved, Christmas is also a very lucrative event.

I got showered in gifts wich allows me to finally start recording my creations.
All this while wearing a sweet Motorhead shirt,my money safe in my new ACDC wallet and looking at Band of Brothers.

As for the recording part i would like to make a little list of my current gear:

- Macbook 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo/1GB RAM
- Tracktion 2 + tons of free plugins
- Mackie Onyx Satellite
- Behringer ultra gain tube preamp for mics and instruments
- Behringer Bass DI with tube emulation
- HB Bass EQ
- Behringer Tuner
- Boss BOD2
- Boss Bass Chorus
- Ashdown MAG 300 combo
- Crate 50W Bassamp
- Washburn active 4 string with ernie ball's
-Squier Vintage Modified P-bass with d'addario's
- Ibanez AEB acoustic bass
- Cheap ass contrabass
- Shure SM 57

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