Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's been a while ...

The times they are a changing...

A long time has passed since i last posted anything here, not that anyone reads or cares about this but still.
Since the last time me and my lady moved to a swell new apartment on the 7th and top floor of a sixties styled building. We wake up with the sun in our room and by midday it's blasting on our terras. That is if the sun decides to shine now and then.

On my gearlist are some new hot items.
I got a supercool acoustic guitar for me to practice some blues slides and hope to become half the fingerpicker Elliott Smith was.
Also new is my Christmas gift/ the best bass in the world! Pictures will follow later but boy is she a beauty ! Not only is she a good looker, she feels and sounds great.

Also my brother in law alias NuNu got me a sweet phaser effect so i can get those swirly stoner riffs going.

Now, i'll be going for a walk with my crazy dog and my lovely doll!

That's all folks!

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