Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Black Swan

This monday, i took my girlfriend to see Black Swan. I didn't really know what to expect since i had only seen the trailer once and hadn't really read the storyline.

This movie, directed by Darren Aronofski, got me hooked to the screen during its 108 minutes.
I didn't even go for a quick pee-break, which is quite rare.

Although there were some moments where i really had a hard time following the story, this movie is a true tale of genius. An aspiring ballet dancer gets the part as "Swan Queen" and the pressure of the role starts weighing on her. Nina's mother was most likely a has been ballet star and didn't stop creeping me out until the end of the film.

The director is a real master of suspense and the use of music in this film is extra-ordinary.
I'm not going to unravel the whole plot here but it seems to me that the main character has some serious issues. A psychological thriller it is indeed.
Some moments are just every day life situations that scared the shit out of me because of the lighting and the music.

Go check this movie! By the way, props to the stunt double for Nathalie Portman. Top level ballet dancing.

Great night!

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