Monday, March 21, 2011

True Grit

Last Saturday my girlfriend took me out on a date. We went to see True Grit at UGC De Brouckère.
There were very little people sharing it with us so we cracked open a beer and got out the candy.

First off, this movie is written by the Coen brothers. This means we're in for a laugh and some mean ass dialogues. The movie is about 125min long and i admit that time flies when you're watching this.
It was over before i knew it, i could have spent a whole day looking at this flick.

Every detail in this film is right. The actors, the directing, the soundscape, the songs, the light,....

The story in short is this:

- A young girl's father is shot by a lowlife crook he had helped.
He flees and justice fails to serve her. She takes matters in own hands and pays a bounty hunter to look for the bad guy. She insists on going with him. Him in this case is Jeff Bridges alias "Rooster" who is a one eyed whisky drinking badass US Marshall.
Their path is crossed by Matt Damon alias "LaBoeuf", a Texas Ranger who is very proud to be so.
Together they start a chase that will lead them far in to indian territory.

This is by far the best movie i have seen in a while. Go check this out and preferably in a cinema!

Next week i'll be taking my girlfriend to see Black Swan. Can't wait!

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