Tuesday, May 3, 2011

La Peste

I just discovered "La Peste" and i'm so pissed that i didn't find these guys earlier. Thanks to the jolly folks at Metal Bikes i now know of this awesome band.

Here's what i've learned about them so far:

.They kick ass.
.They are a punk band from Boston and were born in the late seventies.
.They could be named after Albert Camus' book.
.Peter Dayton is on guitar.
.Mark Karl on bass.
.Roger Tripp is banging the drums.
.They recorded with Ted St Pierre at Electro-Acoustic.
.They unleash thunderstorm on stage.

Knowing this band is almost making me feel like a part of some select group of people. 

Bless you Metal Bikes for this discovery.
Rock on dirty people.

La Peste DVD Sample

La peste - Better of Dead Live

While looking for a picture i also found this highly interesting blog:

Once i'll be done cramming my brain with stuff for Uni i have to get into this.

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