Thursday, July 7, 2011

Breaking the Silence

My last post was may 31st.
A lot has happened since then, some of it good, some of it bad.

First of, i have survived a huge exam period. Which is good you would say...except that i got screwed over and i have to redo 5 out of 11 exams.

Secondly we went to see Russian Circles and Boris for my birthday.
Hot damn, they were awesome. I will write an article about it later.

Furthermore me and the misses have both started working. I work at Groupon during the whole month of july, taking care of angry customers. My patience has been tested quite a few times i admit.

Also, we went to Rock Werchter, which is one of the biggest festivals in Europe.

Expect an article about that to.

Many more things have happened since then and there is so much i would still want to write.
Just for myself here is what i will write about for sure:

Every week of covers i missed will be made up for by a MEGAPOST!
Report on the Russian Circles gig
Report on Rock Werchter
Review of my new Epiphone SG
Review of my boss RV5 reverb
A bike check for my BMX bike
Some new discoveries musically

That's all folks!

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