Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Entrepot Bruges

Here's the deal: We both had seen that Russian Circles was coming to Belgium.
I had straight away informed my darling about it. My darling being the sweetheart that she is, had already planned on taking me there as a surprise.

Seeing my state of excitement she didn't dare to keep it a secret* so she proposed we go get them together.

*She had done this once before with a series i was dying to see and she wanted to offer it to me so she had to make me erase it on the computer because i had downloaded it. She's so sweet i'm sure she had the hardest time coming up with reasons for me to erase it.

Back to the main story, we were going to see Russian Circles!

We bought them at Caroline Music, one of the soul surviving record stores in Brussels. Keep in mind that this is just an extra birthday gift, i'm so spoiled!

This was going to be the first time we went back to Bruges since we were there to enjoy a romantic weekend in a B&B. This was also the first time we were going to the Entrepot.

We don't have a GPS so getting there was quite the struggle seeing that half of the city was on lockdown due to a marathon. In the end we circled round it, went way into no man's land. We stopped at some weird hotel to ask for directions and they were about to send us on to the highway again. No way dude!

We chose to follow some industrial route until we came to a halt in front of a nice looking Fritterie.
It had been our plan to eat some fries in a place we saw when we were there last time but thanks to the marathon, no such luck!
Not knowing where we were, we decided to go in and eat where we stranded. Little did we know our luck was about to change...

Once we started eating, a lot of people started coming in to the place. I had already suspected some of them coming for them. It was someone with an AmenRa sweater who certified my suspicion.
I asked the way to the Entrepot and it seems that we were 5 minutes away by foot. NICE!

The Entrepot is really an awesome concert hall. It's name kind of says it all. An old factory that is transformed into an awesome place. For the occasion, the youth house next door was opened as well.
We arrived just in time to see Intronaut.

They had this thunderous crushing sound coming out of the little room where they played. Perfect to get us in the mood!

We hadn't taken our camera so there is no visual proof of our presence but we didn't regret it for two reasons:
1. It allowed us to bathe in the music without have to worry about catching the atmosphere on film.
2. Someone else did a way better job then we could have ever done.

By someone else i mean GoDi. I will use his pictures to illustrate the magic this concert was.

The main act for me was Russian Circles, i've been following them ever since they made their first album, this however was the first time i got to see them live.
I must admit i am a bit of a Brian Cook fanboy, his basstones are just bonecrushing.
Seeing them in action nearly made me shit myself. The precision of their drummer, the thickness of those layered guitars, the grinding bass, it all was perfect. Never again will i listen to one of their albums the same way! The lighting of their show was quite subtle but matched it perfectly.

After Russian Circles it was up to Boris to play on the main stage. During that time i got to choose an awesome Russian Circles T-Shirt! Thank you Misses K.

Boris is a one of a kind band. And they are loud! Four crazy Japanese make up for one interesting band to see live. Their opening riff almost ripped the room to shreds. I think the people leaving before the end were the ones who didn't have earplugs, like us.

I loved the show but some songs just came at us to loud to be able to hear the different instruments.
I need me one of those Orange amps for my guitar!

With that, we returned home, ears ringing, hearts content, totally in awe with the gigs we saw.
It was a night to remember, i couldn't have wished for a better birthday nor a better girlfriend!

She's the greatest!

Also, all these lovely pictures belong to GoDi, make sure to check his blog !
If you have any taste in music, you will love it, he is at every concert you wish you were and is a master at catching "that" moment !

GoDi's Blog

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