Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dr. Burt and the Music Maker Foundation

- This is Dr. G.B. Burt and he is a blues musician.
Better would be to say he IS blues. Burt was born on january 30 1937 in Birmingham Alabama. Having been a car mechanic almost all his life he is now living in Birmingham.

-  He brought out his first album at the age of 72. A unique chance he was given by the Music Maker Relief Foundation, an organism that helps support senior blues artists not only in their daily life costs but also to help them bring out music they so much love to make.

Below there is a video of Dr. Burt playing one of his songs in his home.
As you can see this man is living in poverty and i'm so glad there are foundations like the Music Maker's to help out these people. I cannot say enough how much support they need! So go out and buy these original musicians' music on itunes or in every possible way!

For more information on the foundation visit : Music Maker Foundation

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