Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bowl Cointe

Done for

The look of a rundown skater after busting his moves for a bit to long.
This is what i used to look like after hours and hours, now it was after a couple of runs.

After a whole day of studying and struggling to stay motivated our gang of losers decided we were gonna go to the bowl in Cointe near Liege.
This was a great idea, i had been wanting to go there for ages after seeing a glimpse of it a couple of months ago. I got the Z-boy fever going and wanted to hit that snake run at top speed.
Style is everything. 

It had been more than a year since i did anything more on a board than cruising down the street.
The feeling took a while before showing it's face. Since the bowl was a bit crowded we started out in a concrete halfpipe to warm up. After a couple of drops i started feeling a bit at ease in the ramp.
A bit to at ease ... the next drop i smacked down on the concrete bruising my elbow and ankle pretty bad. I've got a hole in my T-shirt to prove it. Bummer.

After the ramp we went to the top of the snake run so i could make some runs in it.
I must say the first tries were a bit shabby but it felt really great to just cruise through the bowl and take the big turn at the end.
It felt so good to know that my girl was watching me and that i made her feel a bit proud.

"Style is everything" Jay Adams

After me goofing in the bowl we just enjoyed the weather and N. was testing his new camera.
Wich is why we have awesome pictures of this fun getaway.
The skateboard bug bit Misses K. and as always she ended up on the board. I guess it runs in our blood.
I had such a great time. We're the perfect gang. The picture below shows me and Misses K. kicking it next to the bowl. I'm so madly in love with her, she is the definition of soulmate.
We've promised ourselves to start skating again this summer and she's also gonna get into BMX.
I can't wait till we are both cruising in the bowl doing trains.

Bowl Cointe

Thanks you guys for the awesome day and thanks to N. for the pictures.
For more of N's pictures go see his blog :

He just started it but we will encourage him to share as many pictures as possible!

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