Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekends are for...

Visé riverside

So another weekend rolled by. I must say that while studying i'm not really aware of time passing by, let alone knowing what day we are.
I was informed that it was Saturday because we were going to Liège to.... study.
We had been working all week long so we really needed a break.
After eating at noon we pack a bag and decided to go for a little stroll. Why not go to Maastricht, it's only 30km. Not that much, or so we thought.

Going there was quite ok, after getting lost for a while we eventually made it to Maastricht in one piece.
A bit sour in the legs and a burning arse we were bent on getting the famous Mckroket.
As Murphy wants it, there were none so we ended up eating KFC, which was quite disappointing.
I did discover the greatest McFlurry ever !
Maastricht is a really beautiful city even though we saw only the market and the canal and were in the city for no longer than 2 hours.

It was well worth it though. The ride was really cool but once we got on our bikes to head home our asses hurt like hell and our legs were stiff. Ten minutes on our way we started making plans of how to get home with the least biking possible.
We ended up riding it out in a 3hours lasting workout. In the end we were so proud we made it back all the way without taking any shortcuts. We had super much fun! It was our typical WBST trip.
I jumped on an abandoned matras and we took some great pictures of the industry alongside the canal.

Sunday we spent our day studying and i did the unthinkable, which is finishing a whole course of philosophy. At night we went for a walk and our dog found the leg of some sort of cow-ish animal.
It was gross.


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