Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My girlfriend had found her album recently and we had been listening to it on and off.
We were digging some songs but found the majority lacking some punch.
I had seen she was coming to the AB Club and thought we should check it out.
And so we did, in a spur of the moment decision we went to see her.

Boy did we not regret going! I was blown away by her performance. This was one of the best concerts of the year. Her voice is really powerful live and she is backed up by an amazing band. The solos that guy threw out of his guitar were really magical. I listen to the album in a completely different way now.
That is why i love going to concerts, it just shines a whole new light on an artist.

From what i can remember i have rarely been disappointed by a live performance.

Thanks to my babe for taking us out on this great date!

Next concert will be Sleigh Bells, my treat this time and i can't wait!

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