Friday, January 14, 2011

Music is my sanity.

Hell yes it is! I'm currently studying for my philosophy exam that is coming up and i do not know why people could bother trying to understand that crap.
Who gives a shit if "universal" is a word or a thing or a term or if it exists. 
They master the art of creating sentences that fill up a whole page so that when you're done reading it you forgot what it started with.

I just want to add that i'm not studying this course in my mother tongue, which is Dutch, but in French.
And during those crazy days there is that one constant who keeps me sane. Music.
Well of course my girlfriend is always there to help me out but besides her greatness there is music.
So that during every break i take i put a song.

Today's favorite is this one : Radiohead doing a cover of The Smiths' song The Headmaster Ritual.
If there was any band allowed to do a Smiths cover i guess it's Radiohead.

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