Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sons Of Anarchy

I have a new addiction and it is called "Sons of Anarchy". The show is created by Kurt Sutter and he's a total badass for finally making something that stands out between all those vampire stories nowadays.
I know Sons Of Anarchy started before but i just found it so cut me some slack.

The show is about a fictional MC called "The Sons Of Anarchy" who has it's base in the town of Charming. Gotta love the name. Clearly Sutter has done some fine research as to how an MC works.
My interest in them was sparked by my love for those big loud bikes but after reading Hunter S. Thompson's work about the Hell's Angels i was hooked.

Sutter, actually a character in the show, has a fine nose for bringing out the best in these characters.
Props for his casting as well. All that just for seeing that i love this show and that i can't stop looking at it and that is totally fucking badass!

I am as of now also following his blog. Thanks for finding that babe!


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