Thursday, January 6, 2011

Review of the Harley Benton HB1975 Jazz Bass

 Harley Benton Jazz Bass 1975 by D.A. Badger 

Last year's Christmas gift reviewed :

- Construction :

- First, the construction of this bass seems really solid!
It's the typical jazz bass set-up with a sweet maple neck and body.
The neck has block inlays, something i've wanted on a bass for ever.
All the knobs and tuners are solid, nothing wiggly, i don't see this bass breaking down on me anytime soon ! The finish is really great and i love the vintage look of the neck and headstock. All the frets are perfectly in place, nothing sketchy.
- Sound :

-Follow the link to hear some soundsamples of the bass.
I plugged it straight into the soundcard so this is an honest test of the bass' sound no EQ or compression, just the bass.
I go through the different pickups each with finger and pick playing.
I'm really getting addicted to the sound of this baby! Even with the stock strings still on, i can't wait to hear the difference with new ones.
I guess this jazz tone is what i've been looking for all that time.
I also own a VM p-bass and this kicks the crap out of it!

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