Monday, January 10, 2011

Vinyl Mania

This Christmas my girlfriend gave me a record player for Christmas.
I'm super stoked about this because i've been wanting one for ages. It is just perfect! We used to have a second hand one but it broke down on us, leaving us with a bunch of unplayable records and a burning desire to listen to them.
We have some pretty cool records in our collection even if i say so myself.

The record player is an American Audio TTD 2400. She's a beauty and the sound quality is impeccable.
I don't plan on using it for any DJ purpose but it would be suitable. It is a direct drive turntable.
I had forgotten how fun and exciting it is to listen to records.
It's way more interesting then clicking on a song to hear it. I love the whole ritual of putting on a record.
It has a certain presence that MP3 and even cd's lack. 

I've hooked this baby up to my practice amp using the stereo input that is provided.
The quality is actually quite amazing. This record player is quite as a mouse but still provides that subtle grit and crackle when playing an old record on it. The character of the  bass amp also adds some extra warmth and bass presence. 

The record that kind of blew me away is a compilation of The Beatles from the sixties. All the songs  on the record are mono so that's pretty cool to hear. I'm still amazed how they got all that sound without a stereo image.
This record actually got me curious and i will be exploring The Beatles some more from now on.
I never really gave them a chance. What a shame right?
 Anyways thank you darling for yet again the best Christmas gift ever!
We've decided that from now on we will buy a book and an LP each month.
Expect to see a review of each every month!

D.A. Badger signing off.

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