Sunday, February 20, 2011


This saturday we left for Bruges, finally using a gift certificate we got last Christmas.
One night at a bed & breakfast in Bruges with a bottle of champagne included.
We were located on the edge of the historic centre in a art nouveau-ish building.
We felt at home straight away thanks to a warm welcome and the homelike decoration.

We started of straight away by wandering through the magnificent streets of Bruges.
This place is like a medieval playground. We also did some shopping and got our dog an awesome toy.
I got a cool magnet as a souvenir to stick on our fridge. It's about soap and cats. Thanks babe!
We went to get a pint of cold cider in an irish pub. I got a snake bite, which is an awesome name for a drink and also very tasty. The drink is made with cider, lager and blackcurrent.
My girl went for a large cider.
After our long walks and cold drinks we decided we deserved a hot meal.
What better place to go than an all you can eat ribs joint! This place is called "De Hobbit" and is as big as Bilbo Baggins' house. You pick your food out of a newspaper called the Daily Hobbit.
I was sold already! The ribs were delicious and of unlimited quantity!

What better way to flush down some ribs then another beer?
We ended up in "De Kleine Nachtmuziek", a small and dark bar where empty whiskey bottles are the main decoration. The owner is a cool cat who puts on nothing but good music going from early blues to the rolling stones to rock and roll classics. You wouldn't say so from the outside but this bar has such a huge selection of special beers and about any kind of whiskey ever made. They even serve Almdudler, a drink i hadn't seen since ages! The bar is mainly candle lit and aside from the whiskey bottles is filled with music related items and other curiosities. The kind of place where you can spend whole days just sitting at your table enjoying a fine beer and good music.

When we finally decided to get some rest we were greeted with a bottle of cold champagne and two glasses in our room. Sweet. Need i say more about what happened later...

Slightly hungover and love-drunk we woke up to a rain free Bruges and started the day with a five star breakfast. We spent the rest of our day wandering through the city and visited some super interesting museums. Bruges is really our kind of place. Chill by day and awesome bars by night.
We had ice cream, ate fast-food walked around, kissed on beautiful places, got lost, saw marilyn monroe and ended up in yet another irish pub. This place is so cool. It is called "The Druid's Cellar" and is hidden in a basement/cave under a restaurant. They are pretty serious about their image as they even have a leprechaun entry. Not kidding! This place is awesome. Low ceiling, candle light only, big wooden tables, medieval chairs and irish flags. In the back room there is a pool table, which we used, and bunch of old instruments. My girl seems to have some kind of cider addiction since she took a big cider and i went for a big Guinness. We kind of lost track of time in there so when we got out it was time for dinner.

We had our goodbye dinner in "De Bretoen", a place where they specialize in crêpes bretons.
I had a banana chocolate one. As tradition wants it, the drink served with these is cider. Again.
This was Bruges for us and i loved it!


  1. ons weekendje was perfect, net als u artikel :)
    ik zie je graag baby en ik ben zo trots op u !
    xxx honeybunny

  2. Oooooh de liefde!
    Wanneer gaan we terug naar de cellar? :)

    Gros kiss ma starlette!

  3. hej what was the place called where u stayed? was it nice?

  4. The hotel was called "Guldenvlies". It's a B&B with great hostess and very nice rooms! 5-10 min walk from center!