Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weekly cover shootout

So we were lying in bed when my babe put this song on. I was captured straight away by this song. I foolishly thought this was his song until she said that it is actually a Beatles song.
After putting on the Beatles version i came to the conclusion that i prefer the Stevie Wonder cover.
Which got me thinking that there are many songs where i prefer covers of the song.
Which is why i'm gonna be doing this weekly.

I know that the cover couldn't be made if it weren't for the original and that you can try and polish a turd...
Still i give props to people who can make someone else's song their own.

To kick this thing off Stevie Wonder doing "We can work it out" originally by the Beatles.
The Stevie Wonder version just has that extra kick to it. Fuzzy guitars and his soulful voice make this my favorite version. And that's that! Feel free to disagree. I will now go and hide myself from all the Beatles fans that catch wind of this.

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