Monday, February 14, 2011

Sleigh Bells Live

This saturday we went to see Sleigh Bells perform at the Ancienne Belgique.
The band is formed by Derek Miller on guitar and songwriting and Alexis Krauss on vocals.
Miller ,formerly known as the guitarist for Poison the Well, picked Krauss up in a Brazilian restaurant where she was having dine with her mom.
They were playing in the club, wich is kind of like an oversized bar, thus creating a for more intimate concert.
The Brooklyn duo had Deathcrush opening for them. Due to an overload of cider and salt sticks we missed them. They did not really spark my interest anyway. We arrived just in time for a cold beer and a quick shit before the gig started.

It was sold out so the club was pretty packed, still having enough room to dance though.
And dance we did! On stage was a wall of Marshall stacks ready to blow our eardrums.
These are the basics: they are loud, fast, dirty and get you dancing!
They have a backingtrack playing all there lungcompressing beats while they sing and play heavily distorted guitar over them.
As always the AB crowd only warms up when the last song starts. We and a bunch of other people started dancing straight away, not wasting a second of their high velocity set.
Krauss' high pitched voice comes screaming through the noise with a big layer of reverd and echo's over it.
This concert was fucking awesome and i would advise anyone to go see this band live if they come to your town. This is on big party beginning to end! I nearly pooped myself when straight A's came on.
Afterwards we went for late night sliders and cruised down to Li├Ęge for a sunday in the woods.

On to the next. Thanks Sleigh Bells!

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