Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Februari 14th is a day that most people know as Valentine's Day. So do i.
This does not mean that i am stocked about an occasion and i think it's a shame that to so many it's such a big thing where they are obligated to buy each other fancy gifts and such. I'm not big on the commercial side of it. However i don't understand that haters that are about ready to yell at you for doing something romantic that day. I see at as just another day to celebrate the love i share with my girlfriend.

Here's what we did. As for so many it was just another weekday, which means going to work, school and what not. I started out by dropping my girlfriend of at school and then went to do the groceries.
By the time she was inside it had started raining and she was out "sans parapluie".
I had already told her i was taking her on a date the day before so she had straightened her hair, the works. Rain is the worst enemy for a girl with straightened hair. I knew that and i wanted to be all gentlemanly and surprise her after her class with the umbrella and a single red rose.
Yes red roses are not very original but common, what girl in her right mind doesn't love to get flowers.
She was thrilled with my unexpected gesture and when i saw that happy smile, my day was made already.

After that we both had class and met up for a lunch date. I had made us healthy wraps and she offered me the best juice ever and I got a banana-chocolate muffin as a dessert!

In the evening, we went to our favorite chinese restaurant and instead of eating inside with 20 other couples i decided to take-away and we ate our meal in the most beautiful restaurant in Brussels.
We were setting on the edge of the Palais de Justice looking out over the rest of the city. The picture above gives an idea of where we were.
Stars were shining, kisses were shared and we even had ourselves a Lady and the Tramp moment while sharing noodles. They never tasted so good. Afterwards we slowed in the Court House's ballroom to songs we sang ourselves.

Now that's how you celebrate Valentine's!

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