Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead

The Queen Is Dead, bought in Antwerp at Vinyl Records. I would advice anyone to go there. 
The album came out in 1986, about two years before i was born.
We have the colored vinyl edition which is a green see-thru version of the original.

As soon as i let the needle slide in, the record starts off with some female voice.
Seconds later The Queen is Dead is blaring through the speakers.
A melancholic start to what ends up being an amazing record.
The record was engineered by the same people as 'Meat is Murder' and that is definitely not a bad thing.
After the opener we are greeted by Frankly Mr. Shankly. A typical Morrissey song line accompanied by not so typical instrumentals. A bit quirky but hey, it was the eighties.
The record reaches it's highpoint at track number six, Bigmouth Strikes again, which is also the lead single on the album. I had preferred it to be There Is A Light, as i have more of a personal bond with that song. Then again i don't really care if it was lead single or not, it remains my favorite song on the album.
I gave this album to my girl since she is a big Morrissey fan, hence the personal bond.

This record is definitely a good motivation for more Smiths records.
This bring me to another thing, i haven't picked the February LP yet, nor did we find a book.
Financially i guess it will be a double edition in march or a second hand record on the quick.
Looking for a sweet blues record. Any suggestions?

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