Monday, February 7, 2011

MXR El Grande Bass Fuzz Review


Last year's birthday present, i got to chose anything i liked in the music shop. I felt like Pretty Woman.
My baby is the best and i damn well know how lucky i am!

I tested a voodoo labs superfuzz, a bass big muff,the El Grande and the Mxr classic fuzz.

Out of those the El Grande was the big winner for me.
It hasn't been tested in a band setting yet but i'm pretty sure it'll come through.

- First off, the pedal is super light. Almost scary light because of it's small size and allu case. It seems to be pretty rugged though, the button feels solid and all the knobs are really smooth. Not loose and wobbly like on my behringer pedal. It takes 9V and has 3 knobs + a switch on it. Volume,Tone,Fuzz and a Deep switch.

- This is where the fun starts. You really have to watch out with the volume on this pedal. I never even make it past 3 because it would destroy anything in a 5 mile radius.
Even though i'm playing it through a solid state amp i love the break up of this fuzz. It's perfect for that low growling tone.
The tone know is like somewhat of a frequency filter. No tone =maximum bass and tone full on loses some of that bass. This way you can also get those high pitched lead sounds.
The Deep switch acts like a bass booster, not like this pedal needed that because it retains tons of low end.
What i think is positive about this pedal is that when the fuzz level is at zero there is no fuzz at all. This is not always the case.

I'll let the clips do the rest of the talking.
I'm using a Harley Benton HB1975 Jazz still with the stock strings straight into the sound card.
I'll go through some different settings so you can see what the pedal is capable of.

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